Bangladesh Eye Hospital

Bangladesh Eye Hospital Ltd. (BEH) was incorporated on 18th September, 2005. As the eye care sector was growing rapidly in Bangladesh, a specialized hospital for the treatment of eye related diseases was much needed. It is the best eye care institute of the country and coordinates the provision of specialized ophthalmological services with emphasis on quality & affordability.

Bangladesh Eye Hospital Ltd. (BEH) first started from a rented 5 storied building at Dhanmondi Road No. 6. To meet the increasing demand for clinical services and research, BEH moved to its own new facility at Shatmasjid Road, Dhamnondi, on the 10th October of the year 2012.

With the promise and commitment in eye care, Bangladesh Eye Hospital Ltd. is now serving from 9 branches located in Dhanmondi, Banani, Uttara, Chittagong, Shantinagar, Khulna, Zigatola, Mirpur  and a non-profit “Bangladesh Eye Trust Hospital” in Rayerbazar. 

All these have enhanced the BEH’s capabilities to deliver world-class cost effective eye care to meet the increasing demand and to expand its role in the eye care sector of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Eye Hospital Ltd. (BEH) also has a Pharmacy and a Spectacles shop to provide high quality spectacles and medicine to our valued patients.

At present Bangladesh Eye Hospital Ltd. (BEH) has 143 consultants and over 700 staffs to provide the best eye care services of the country. They are well experienced and dedicated to their responsibilities.

15 Years

of Establishment







Dr. Mahbubur Rahman Chowdhury


Bangladesh Eye Hospital and Institute Ltd.

Massage From Chairman

Since its humble beginning over 15 years ago, Bangladesh Eye Hospital & Institute Ltd. has come a long way. Today, Bangladesh Eye Hospital & Institute Ltd. is synonymous with world-class eye care and expertise. We pride ourselves in being the top eye hospital in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Eye Hospital & Institute Ltd. has now become the trendsetter for the eye care sector in the country. Our aim is to serve the community with outstanding patient care and the latest in medical advancements. We have always felt a responsibility to offer healthcare consumers the latest in advanced eye care at an affordable cost with a focus on superior customer service.

Today, our family is growing bigger and bigger. At present Bangladesh Eye Hospital & Institute Ltd. have 9 branches with 143 consultants, 45 medical officers and over 700 staff. Each trained to give exemplary care to every patient, without discrimination.

I attribute the credit for the overwhelming success of Bangladesh Eye Hospital & Institute Ltd. to my team. For they have always shared responsibilities equally, celebrated every achievement and extended a firm helping hand at the time of crisis. It is with their support, courage, and motivation that we have been able to tread this memorable path.

Together, with your support, we are certain that we can grow even bigger and go on to become the best eye care service provider in the region.

Dr. Mahbubur Rahman Chowdhury


Bangladesh Eye Hospital and Institute Ltd.

Dr. Niaz Abdur-Rahman

Managing Director

Bangladesh Eye Hospital and Institute Ltd.

Massage From Managing Director

Vision is a gift from God to all of us. To lead a normal life, good eyesight is essential to each and every human being. Nowadays advanced eye care hospitals not only provide good treatment but also offer awareness of preventable eye diseases. With this vision in mind, Bangladesh Eye Hospital & Institute Ltd. was built to provide world-class eye care to the people of Bangladesh.

Our slogan “Eye Care, We Care” upholds our purpose to provide treatment for people from all walks of life. Our state of the art technical equipment, experienced consultants and skilled eye care personnel deliver the best service to all our patients.

We constantly strive to excel in our eye treatment and we are committed to serving every individual who walks through the doors of Bangladesh Eye Hospital & Institute Ltd. We hold our core values of integrity, quality care, commitment and undeterred professionalism very close to our hearts.

We enhance our patient’s health care by continuously upgrading our knowledge and skills of implementation in updated management systems. Thus, quality and a vast space for improvement remain a constant commitment in Bangladesh Eye Hospital & Institute Ltd. The family of BEH is growing and spearing to different parts of Bangladesh. At present we have 9 branches and we for see many more.

We invite you with open arms to become better acquainted with our pride - Bangladesh Eye Hospital & Institute Ltd.

Dr. Niaz Abdur-Rahman

Managing Director

Bangladesh Eye Hospital and Institute Ltd.

Founder Members

Dr. Mahbubur Rahman Chowdhury


Dr. Niaz Abdur-Rahman


Dr. Md. Ali Akbar


Dr. Kamal Haider Khan


Dr. Md. Tauhidur Rahman


Dr. Kazi Shabbir Anwar


Dr. Ziaul Ahsan Mukta


Dr. Syed Touhid Hassan


We Mourn

Late. Dr. Syed Touhid Hassan


Late. Dr. Zahangir Alam Mukut


Late. Dr. S M Masud Parvez


Our Branches

Dhanmondi Branch

78, Satmasjid Road (West of Road 27), Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1205

10620, 09666787878



Banani Branch

138, Niharika Concord Tower (11th to 14th Floor), Road # 4, Block # C, Banani, Dhaka-1213.

02-222284588, 02-222284566, 01847422020, 01720566474



Uttara Branch

Plot # 31, Road # 14, Sector # 13, Uttara, Dhaka

02-8933041-2, 01787665944



Chittagong Branch

Probartak Sangha Building (4th and 5th Floor), Probartak Circle, Panchlaish, Chittagong

01839392525, 01768225275



Shantinagar Branch

Shaan Tower, 24/1 Chamelibag, Shantinagar, Dhaka

02-58310523, 01789779955, 01789779944



Khulna Branch

9B, Majid Sharani, Shibbri, Khulna – 9100

01799209075, 01907045724



Zigatola Branch

21/3, Zigatola, Dhanmondi, Dhaka -1209

01707081499, 01844682983



Mirpur Branch

Sumi Tower, 66 Zoo Road, Mirpur-2, Dhaka-1216




Rayerbazar Branch

3/26/2B, Sultangonj, Rayerbazar (Opposite Sikder Medical College), Dhaka

01709611394, 01919611394